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The selected hotel only admits bookings for adults. In your search options you have set up a booking with children. If you accept, the children will be removed from the booking, and only the number of adults will be taken into account.

If you find a better online rate, we will match the offer and will also provide you with VIP treatment

Guaranteed online minimum price policy

If you wish to book a room with us, rest assured that you will find the best online price through our website If you find a lower booking price on any other online portal in the same conditions within the 48 hours after you make your booking, please send us the following form. After checking it, we will apply a lower rate and will also offer you VIP treatment (welcome gift, bathrobe and slippers).

How can I make a calim if I find a cheaper rate?

It is very straightforward, simply proceed as follows:


Make the booking through website.


Complete and submit the form within the 48 hours after your booking, indicating the details of the cheapest rate found with a copy of the screenshots where you saw the cheaper rate. The screenshots should show the date and time they were taken.
This rate should have the same conditions as the booking. The screenshots should show the date and time they were taken. This rate should have the same conditions as the booking.


Our team will answer you within 48 hours. If the answer is affirmative, the cheapest rate will be applied, otherwise Ocean by H10 Hotels will send you an e-mail justifying the response.

It is a condition that the price difference can be verified in real time, so our quality department can make the corresponding checks as quickly as possible and get in touch with you.


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Terms & conditions
  • You should make your booking through our web and have a locator number.
  • The guarantee applies to comparisons with any other online sale channel with real-time booking. The rate should have the same conditions (hotel, dates, number of people, same currency, same price restrictions, for the whole stay, as well as the same rates, taxes, handling costs and other costs derived from the service that the other websites includes in the booking).
  • The "guaranteed best online price" policy is not valid for comparisons with cheque books, groups, companies, portals that require prior identification or cases in which the name of the hotel is not known until after the booking is confirmed.
  • Ocean by H10 Hotels reserves the right to freely modify or cancel this offer and its terms and conditions at any time. EN