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Committed to society and the environment

At Ocean by H10 Hotels we actively participate in various social and environmental projects organised by non-profit organisations, hospitals, schools, orphanages and NGOs that contribute towards the sustainable development of our establishments. Our commitment to society and the environment is supported by our suppliers, guests and employees, helping us to guarantee the success of these projects.​;23;24|Earth Hour

Earth Hour

For the past four years our Caribbean Ocean Coral & Turquesa resort has been taking part in the WWF initiative Earth Hour. This worldwide event consists of turning off your lights in order to raise public awareness regarding the need to adopt measures to combat climate change, greenhouse gas emissions and light pollution. At the hotel, all the lights in the communal areas are turned off and the main restaurant is closed, thus helping to reduce electricity, water and gas consumption. The hotel also organises several awareness-raising activities for its guests over the course of the day.ón_de_Ayuda_a_Niños_con_Trastornos_en_el_Desarrollo.jpg?22;23;24|Collaboration with “Astra A. C. Association”

Collaboration with “Astra A. C. Association”

The Aid Association for Children with Autism and Developmental Disorders is an association which aids the integration and education of children with autism through therapy.

Ocean by H10 Hotels contributes with monthly donations to support the association and the therapy given to autistic children. As well as financial support, it also supports them by selling the products that they make: toffee apples. Three times a year the toffee apples that they make at the association are sold to the workers at the Ocean by H10 Hotels.;23;24|Support for the “Nuevo Noh” Community

Support for the “Nuevo Noh” Community

Ocean By H10 Hotels economically and socially supports the development of one of the resource-deprived areas located in the Riviera Maya. This community does not have access to utilities such as electricity, water, phone lines, etc. Low-income families live in this community and we organise a toy collection among employees so that we can give these toys to nursery-age children in this community, in order to celebrate Children’s Day. As well as toys, the company donates resources from the hotel to families in the community and educational resources to the nursery school (colouring pens, notebooks, colouring books, plasticine, etc.). Ocean By H10 also collaborates with the school by working to maintain the structures, as they lack raw materials.ópidas.jpg?22;23;24|Donations to the “Pelópidas” School

Donations to the “Pelópidas” School

Annual support providing the “Pelópidas” school with typical Christmas sweets. At Christmas time, a traditional “Carol concert” in which the pupils delight all the guests by singing Christmas songs is held at the Ocean Maya Royale hotel, part of the Ocean By H10 Hotels chain. There are also other events during the year.;23;24|Protection of the Marine Tortoise

Protection of the Marine Tortoise

Six of the seven species of marine tortoise that inhabit the waters of Latin America and the Caribbean are endangered. From our Caribe Ocean Coral & Turquesa resort, we support a number of projects to protect the marine tortoise and release their young into the wild.

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