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Green Ocean

Green Ocean Green Ocean is a strategic environmental plan implemented in 2010 with the aim of reducing the consumption of energy and water, CO2 emissions and waste production by 10% by the year 2015.               

Thanks to the numerous environmental management initiatives involved in the implementation of this Plan that improve our energy efficiency, we contribute towards maintaining the balance between nature and society.

Our key commitments

  • Programmes to reduce the generation of solid and dangerous waste.
  • Training programmes to raise environmental awareness.
  • Secure the active participation of our guests and providers.
  • Guarantee compliance with current national, regional and local environmental legislation.
  • Encourage local employment.
  • In purchasing processes, prioritise the acquisition of local products and services.
  • Join local organisations in activities related to the environment.
  • Continuously improve all our processes, especially those that have a bearing on social and cultural, economic and environmental aspects

Environmental Statement

At Ocean by H10 Hotels we are working towards the Sustainable Management of our activity by applying a Policy for the Conservation and Improvement of Cultural Heritage and Economic and Social Development of our destinations, through the effective management of all our resources.

The implementation of our Responsible Tourism System has allowed us, among other things, to create a Good Environmental Practices programme that guarantees the conservation of the area and raises the awareness among employees, suppliers and customers.

Energy consumption


2010: 29,1 kWh/guest

2015: 26,2 kWh/guest

Water consumption


2010: 324 L/guest

2015: 292 L/guest

Waste Production


2010: 4,72 Kg/guest

2015: 4,25 Kg/guest



2010: 16,2 Kg CO2/guest

2015: 14,7 Kg CO2/guest​

Good Energy Consumption Practices

  • Promotion of the use of renewable energy
  • Use of high-efficiency equipment
  • Raising awareness among collaborators on the responsible use of facilities

Good Water Consumption Practices

  • Updating water distribution networks to minimize leaks
  • Use of flow-regulating devices and low-consumption equipment
  • More promotion of water-saving habits for all collaborators EN