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Cuba, the most authentic island

Cuba, the largest island in the Caribbean, is one of the most spectacular countries in Latin America. In Cuba you can explore World Heritage sites with their colonial architecture still intact and streets still crammed with old American cars. You can venture into places of great natural beauty, sanctuaries of flora and fauna and tropical beaches with crystal clear waters.

Havana, the emblematic capital of Cuba, is a blend of modernism and colonialism steeped in the history and culture of its streets and buildings. Come to our hotel in Havana and discover the famous cigar shops, the Cuban atmosphere and just get carried away by the rhythm of salsa and local singers. You will be charmed by the happy nature of the Cuban people and the beauty of this city!

The beach of Varadero, also known as the Blue Beach, is the leading beach tourism destination in Cuba is and probably one of the world´s best. The best of Varadero is to be found in its coasts and stunning natural beauty. Come to our hotels in Varadero and you will be bewitched by their natural beauty and pleasant climate. Enjoy the local culture and its recreational centres!

Cayo Santa María is the most idyllic of destinations where sun, sand and nature come together. From our exclusive resort in Cayo Santa María you can go on a catamaran trip, explore the huge barrier reef or go snorkelling along the 13 kilometres of beaches.

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