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Adults Only Hotel

The selected hotel only admits bookings for adults. In your search options you have set up a booking with children. If you accept, the children will be removed from the booking, and only the number of adults will be taken into account.

  • Family Hotels

Enjoy a family break in idyllic surroundings, relax with your partner while the kids have a whale of a time with our team of entertainers... all of this and much more is in store for you with our Family Experience!

We offer you the ideal place for a family holiday in the Carribbean, at our hotels in Punta Cana, Riviera Cancún, and Montego Bay, where we make sure the whole family has an unforgettable holiday.

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​Children aged 4 to 12 years can play in the spacious facilities of the Miniclub and enjoy all the activities organised by our team of monitors.

Educational games

There's no better way to learn than through play. Our Blue Team monitors will provide colours, paints, and a large variety of games that encourage participation and creativity.

Open air activities

Gymkhanas, water games, football, basketball, boules... an endless number of activities to keep your children entertained.


A selection of the best children's music, including the top hits from our mascot Daisy.

Children's shows

Our monitors put on plays and musicals with audience participation.

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At the Teenclub, your teenagers will find an activities programme and a place of their own, designed e​specially with them in mind.


Open-air activities

Our team of monitors, the Blue Team, organises games on the beach, outings to areas around the hotel and endless activities to keep your teens entertained all day long.


For those who enjoy a bit of sport during their holiday, our hotels offer a range of sports activities including water polo, football, darts, minigolf, etc.

Daisy Rooms

Rooms designed for the whole family

Seeking comfort for families and fun of the smallest, most hotels offer rooms Daisy Daisy Club, a few family rooms for adults and children:

  • Rooms for up to 5 occupants (2 adults + 3 children or 3 adults + 2 children) at the hotel Ocean Blue & Sand 
  • Welcome gift
  • Laundry service for children clothes
  • Children TV channels
  • Specialized services: crib warmer, bathtubs, mixers, etc
Daisy Meals

Yum... the kids can enjoy their favourite dishes

The All Inclusive plan at Ocean by H10 Hotels offers a carefully selected range of cuisine designed with families in mind. This is one of the aspects that our customers rate most highly. We provide a wide range of children's favourite dishes:

  • Children's buffet
  • Mediterranean cuisine
  • Special menus for celiacs and people with allergies EN