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Welcome to Paradise

Climb Blue Mountain Peak

Walking at night to reach the highest peak that is Blue Mountain at dawn, with the path lit by thousands of fireflies, is a unique and highly recommended experience for nature lovers.

Scuba diving in Montego Bay

Diving in Montego Bay offers exceptional diving sites that will satisfy the expectations of every diver, from beginners to experts. It has an abundant marine life and offers excellent underwater visibility. As a result it’s waters are very popular with divers. At our hotel in Jamaica you will find an extensive programme of daytime activities including the Dive It! diving centre and motorized water sports.

Spelunking in the caves of Windsor

Windsor is one of the most spectacular and accessible caves for lovers of spelunking. Fantastic rock formations and lots of bats can be seen in these caves.

Swimming in the Blue Lagoon

For going for swim and a peaceful stroll, there’s nowhere better than the Blue Lagoon. Its turquoise and green waters are amazing. It’s a photogenic location and perfect for going for a dip.

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