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Opinions on Ocean El Faro

27 customers have left opinions about this hotel

Excellent! 9,5/10

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  • Such a nice hotel just like the...

    Excellent! 10/10


    Such a nice hotel just like the pictures! Super clean and all staff are nice

  • The os very nice. The food or tasty....

    Very good! 8/10

    Clinton Davis

    The os very nice. The food or tasty. An the worker or very nice

  • Uno de mis hoteles favoritos Unos...

    Excellent! 10/10


    Uno de mis hoteles favoritos

    Unos restaurantes 1A

    La bolera sin desperdicio(lleven medias)

    Las habitaciones un aire 100% y unas camas con Memory Form...

  • Volvería claro q si...

    Excellent! 10/10

    Nydia Vázquez

    Volvería claro q si

  • Excelente...

    Excellent! 10/10

    Noemi Aracena


  • Great people, so many things to do,...

    Excellent! 10/10

    Belinda Soto

    Great people, so many things to do, love it!

  • Estaba bien bonito y limpio.Me...

    Very good! 8/10

    expedia user

    Estaba bien bonito y limpio.Me gustaría regresar en algún momento .

  • Best Birthday Ever!

    Very good! 8.4/10


    The Resort is just beautiful, they have placed a lot of attention to detail from everything regarding architecture to minimal aspects of decoration. The lobby is gorgeous, the walkway down the boulevard along the restaurants is lovely. The rooms and bathrooms are spacious and regardless of building number or floor level in which you are located you will have a balcony with sitting area and a hanging chair (my personal favorite!). The lazy river was, for my family, the go to spot each day (however, they do need to work of having more floaters available to more guests). The beach is beautiful but we spent the most time at the pool.

    Besides the physical aspects of the hotel the food and drinks were good, they are a bit short in terms of staff at the restaurants so it takes a bit longer than you’d like to get your food, the best restaurant is the Japanese one (make sure you make your reservation the morning of). The biggest let down overall was the music. My family and I are from the island so we looked forward to enjoying our culture through the food and music, the food was good but the music was not. The entertainers are great too but they are restricted in terms of what and when they can play music which affects the mood of the crowd and just makes their jobs harder honestly. The bartenders at the pools are restricted by their supervisors from play music and if they play anything then it has to be in English (which wouldn’t be a problem if it was at least upbeat and not elevator music). We spoke to the entertainment director and suggested that they assign different music to each pool if it is such a big deal to other guest (one pool could be serene, one típico and the other whatever else is on demand). We hope that the policy changes because in all honesty when you travel to another country you do so in order to experience another culture and that includes experiencing their music, specially in the Caribbean.

    The biggest reason my family and I look forward to going back to this resort is really because of the staff. We felt like more than just guests, we felt like part of the family and it made all the difference. My mom had the time of her life for her birthday. If you are greeted by Carlos, Arianny or Vladimir at the lobby bar then you are in good hands. Vladimir is a great mixologist, we never once needed to order something from the menu with him and everything he made was amazing; it helps that he is such a nice guy. Our second favorite spot was the pool bar right off the lazy river. Make sure you stop by to say hi to Maximo and Gabriel and if it’s later in the afternoon Franklin too. We stayed at this resort for 8 days and 6 out of the 8 we spent with these guys (we didn’t meet them the 1st day and we went on an excursion another, otherwise we would of spent all 8 with them). They are a ton of fun and they will definitely take good care of you. Lastly, if you do get involved with the H-10 group hopefully you will be lucky enough to get to know Karina and Ben who say hello every time they pass by, even if it’s flying by in a golf cart. This hotel is relatively knew but it is still a great hotel. Go see how it is for yourself and let them know what they can improve on, because they are all ears and their customers are their #1 priority.


  • Hotel realmente bueno aunque faltaban cosas por hacer al ser nuevo

    Excellent! 9.2/10


    En relación a mi experiencia tengo que decir que ha sido excelente.

    Los restaurantes muy buenos, destacando el steakw y japonés, sin olvidarme del route 66 con SANTO, un pedazo de crack que nos trató de lujo.

    La discoteca también muy buena música con FAUSTO, otro jefazo que nos hizo sentir como en casa.

    Como puntos negativos: no estaba abierta ni la bolera ni el casino.

    Por último, el horario que nos dieron en la recepción nos decía que el finde, la discoteca abría hasta las 3:30 y cerró a las 2 los dos dias.

    Ah y no sé menos olvida SEXY CHIHUAHUA, el animador de la piscina. QUE ENERGÍA y que gran tío

  • Loved having different amentities then...

    Very good! 8/10

    expedia user

    Loved having different amentities then other all inclusives Ive been to like the coffee shop, ice cream, bowling alley and corn hole on the beach.

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Showing 11 to 20 of 27

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