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Excellent! 9,7/10

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  • 8th Mexican Riviera All-Inclusive Vacation, Best one ever!

    Excellent! 10/10


    We arrived at 11pm, so there was no wait for check-in. We were upgraded to a room with an ocean view, which was pretty cool! The resort is gorgeous. The room was beautiful clean and cool. We had a dehumidifier sent up to the room, which I would strongly suggest that you do. It works quite efficiently and pulls liters of water from the air and makes it much more comfortable. The guys that stock the mini-bar notice what you're consuming and they make sure you're always stocked up with all the liquid refreshment you need.

    They have fun activities scheduled every day and entertainment every night. Upon arrival, we toured all the pools and decided that we liked the quiet adult pool, so we were there every day. The first day, the Pool Concierge Jose Luis Cen introduced himself. He wasn't exaggerating when he said that he would take care of our every need during our stay. Wow...! This guy hustles around all day long and makes sure you are comfortable and happy. This is the first All-Inclusive I've visited where I was brought fresh, dry towels after every rainstorm hit. Jose Luis reserved our chairs for us daily so we never had to deal with any of the chair reserving headaches that occur at most resorts.

    Another hard-working guy at the Adult pool is Ricardo Poot. There was a LOT of drinking going on at the adult pool and Ricardo kept up with our every request and introduced us to quite a few new, funky drinks we've never tried before. This guy only gets 1 day off a week, and he spent some of his day off going into town and picking up Fireball whisky for us so we can drink Fireball shots poolside! I LOVE these guys!

    Another guy you will see poolside is Francisco Gomez. He'll hook you up with any dive/snorkel/tour experience you're looking for. Francisco was nice enough to sit and share some of his culture with me for a few minutes. Although sometimes, it's little things, all the things that these wonderful people do that make you feel welcome and like a part of their family really add up and make me want to return soon.

    The breakfast buffet was better than any of the other all-inclusives that I've experienced. Hot and crispy potato triangles, crispy bacon, fried potatoes w/chorizo (YUM!), eggs perfectly cooked to order and my favorite, a fruit bar, where if you don't want one of those plates with an assortment of fruits and melons, etc... they will make you a plate full of fresh-cut pineapple! Our favorite server at the buffet is Cinthya. She is so friendly, takes great care of us and makes us feel like we're with family. <3

    The Sensai restaurant was yummy, fun and we really enjoyed the show. The ribeye steaks at the Villa Marina were absolutely freaking delicious. Then... We saw the guys at the next table diving into their 2nd rib-eye steaks.... Wha...? Oh heck yes! If you're still hungry, they bring you a 2nd, perfectly-cooked ribeye steak and baked potato! Just as I'm wrapping my head around the ability to eat ribeyes every night, we dined at the Italian restaurant and had 2 perfectly-cooked, tender-as butter Filet Mignons!

    We ate ice cream at the ice cream shop before and after dinner every night. The ice cream is delicious and I discovered that frosted flakes are an excellent ice cream topping!

    We had a great time at this resort. All the staff were absolutely amazing!!! Overall, this is a great resort!!! I am definitely coming here again and bringing a bunch of friends!

  • Jose Luis Cen

    Excellent! 9.6/10


    We had a great time at the hotel. COVID makes things odd and the staff were very COVID aware and enforced compliance in a nice way. Jose made our days at the pool extremely nice! He worked constantly, always had a smile and a joke and really made things pleasant. Thanks Jose!

  • Concierge Jose Luiscen

    Very good! 8.8/10


    First , Oceans Coral is as always, a very friendly and accommodating resort. The service from all is always with high standards. We have to Oceans Coral five times and each visit we have grown to expect the best. Even with COVID restriction in place, you never felt slighted. This year, I want to call attention to our privledge beach concierge Jose. Every day of our trip, he delivered, above and beyond. We wanted for nothing. The resort staff take great pride in the service the provide and we will return again and again.

  • An amazing place

    Excellent! 10/10

    Doug and Shannon guild

    We just got back from staying there for two weeks. From Kathleen and Pam from priveledge to our amazing butler Enrique we had the most amazing time. Enrique has to be one of the hardest workers. Everyone is and does it with a smile. You made us feel like family. The entertainment staff including Diego is the very best. We will be back and tell anyone to come to that resort. Thank you to every single person who was kind and professional. You will be our second home away from home !

  • Excellent Job - 100% In My Books!

    Excellent! 10/10


    Just wanted to say a great big THANK YOU to the groups team at the Ocean Coral & Turquesa! Daniela Ocampo, Araceli Segundo, Angel Reyes and everyone else who helped make my group's trip a massive success .... Thanks a million and I will be sure to be back with more people!

  • Todo incluido lo mejor

    Excellent! 10/10


    Gracias por brindar confianza y excelente atención, Quique, Roberto, Ricardo, Zuriel por sus recomendaciones también. Seguro regresaremos!

  • Quiero regresar! :)

    Excellent! 9.6/10


    Tuve la fortuna de ir de vacaciones 1 semana y hospedarme en este hotel fue un viaje familiar. Agradezco mucho la atención de todo el personal, y un gracias muy especial para Roberto, Ricardo, Zuriel Francisco, y Quique que hizo muy agradable nuestra estancia! muchas gracias por todo!

  • Pool Service is Outstanding!

    Excellent! 10/10


    Winding up our week at Ocean Coral and Turquesa and need to give a shout out to Ricardo Poot (Richie) at the Adults Only pool. Richie works hard delivering beverages. He remembers from day to day what we are drinking and makes sure we have everything we want and need. He truly cares that we are taken care of. He is one of our favorite people when vacationing here.

  • Buen servicio

    Excellent! 10/10


    Durante los seis días que me aloje en dicho Hotel todo el personal estubo super atento y servicial en todas las áreas donde me desplaze.

    Si pudiera destacar a un empleado en especial fue el Señor Gustavo Bartender de la piscina donde se realizan los bailes de zumba y aqua aeróbicos.

    Que bien que la pase.

  • Absolutely amazing!!!

    Excellent! 10/10


    Everything was amazing!!! Customer service was above and beyond!!! The beach concierge Jose Luis cen was phenomenal! No more getting up at the crack of dawn for a lounger by the pool, he watches for you and every day has your towel ready on a chair for you!!!

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Showing 21 to 30 of 91

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