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Opinions on Ocean Maya Royale

58 customers have left opinions about this hotel

Excellent! 9.7/10

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  • Great place to stay ♡...

    Excellent! 10/10

    Gisele Fielding

    Great place to stay ♡

  • Absolutely beautiful place, great food...

    Excellent! 10/10

    Victoria Loeffler

    Absolutely beautiful place, great food and very friendly staff.

  • Awesome way to celebrate 30

    Excellent! 10/10


    I came with a group of friends to celebrate my birthday. From the second we got off our shuttle, every person was friendly and did what they could to accommodate us. We arrived before check-in, so we were handed drinks, given a tour, and dropped off for lunch. When we returned from eating, our rooms were ready (early!) and we got to explore some more.

    The accommodations were great. I appreciated the abundance of bottled water and how comfortable my bed was. I appreciated the long hours for the restaurants as well as the grill and snack bar that were available when the restaurants were transitioning to the next meal. It made relaxing that much easier as I didn't need to feel like I was on a time schedule in order to get something to eat.

    The bartenders were great! Everything they made was quick and looked great. We especially appreciated Cristobel and Oli, as they were a lot of fun and very sociable.

    I have never stayed at a resort that has such attentive and friendly staff! One night, one of my meals at the Italian restaurant was a bit small for m me (as I had finished it before the group was halfway done, haha), and without me asking, the host stopped by and told me he would get me another right away.

    I would definitely come back!


    Excellent! 10/10


    He estado junto con mi pareja una semana de ensueño en vuestro hotel. Nos ha tratado de manera excepcional todo el pesonal con el cual hemos tenido contacto y con el que no hemos visto, ya que que su trabajo no esta relacionado con la clientela del hotel, darles mi más enorme enhorabuena por su trabajo.

    Mi pareja y yo recomendamos este hotel para pasar unos dias inolbidables.

    Gracias por haber echo realidad una semana de ensueño.

  • Wonderful Experience

    Excellent! 10/10

    William and Candi

    This was our first trip to Mexico. It was an amazing trip. The resort staff treated us so well. From the moment we arrived. We did not have the paperwork and had a time trying to pull it up on our phones, they were so patient and helped us connect to Wifi so that we could show them the reservations. Once that was taken care of, everything else was awesome. We met Felipe, he made sure that we were happy every time we went to the lobby. The staff that was out and about, very kind and courteous. Always smiling and saying hello. The restaurants were wonderful. We ate at all of them. Our favorite was the La Dolce Vita. The filet was the best we have had. The chefs take pride in the food they cook and the presentation of the plates. They have a buffet for all meals and we did eat there a few times. The food was good. It had a variety of foods to chose from. We decided that we did want to upgrade to Privilege. It does have its perks. A room upgrade with a Jacuzzi tub (if wanted), a private beach area, a private lounge that you can eat all meals and top shelf alcohol from any of the bars. The pools were clean and the water was nice. One of the pools have a swim up bar, that is a plus. They had activities going on throughout the day at the pool. The staff was very inviting and made sure you had a good time. The beaches, as with others who did a review on them, did have seaweed, but the grounds keepers would try to keep it a bay so that we could enjoy the water. The wildlife that is on the grounds, they were great for looking at. I really loved seeing the different animals. Just a heads up, as with any humid climate, you will have mosquitoes. When we brought it up, they sent someone out to our room to spray. That did help. I do recommend, just get some Off spray and spray your blankets as an added precaution. I was a little worried about our trip here, from all the things I read in the past about the resort, but after having an open mind and seeing for myself, I am very very happy I did chose this resort. For an all inclusive resort, I am very happy and I am sure that we will come back again.

  • A Slice of Paradise!

    Excellent! 10/10


    We had a wonderful time. The rooms were very clean, the grounds were amazing and the staff was terrific!

    We especially loved MARTIN and CARLOS! Martin was always had a smile on his face and went above and beyond. Carlos was great as well.

    The gift shop was WAY overpriced!

  • Love this place and the staff

    Excellent! 10/10


    Aranza and the whole entertainment team was awesome in getting guests to be crazy, not lazy! Great resort with so many food options and activities.

  • Entertainment Team rocks!!

    Excellent! 9.2/10


    Awesome hotel with the best entertainment staff. Aranza was THE best tour guide on the lagoon tour. Highly recommend.

  • It is a beautiful resort.

    Excellent! 10/10

    Jerry & Carol

    This was our first time to the resort. I couldn't ask for a more enjoyable and relaxing place to spend a vacation. The staff was very helpful. Oli in the lobby bar and Pamala and Sebestion were the best entertainers. We loved playing black jack and breaking Sebestion's bank. We will be back again.

  • Wonderful Vacation Resort!

    Excellent! 10/10


    We traveled with one other couple and we all had a great vacation! The staff was SO friendly, the resort was clean and well maintained, and the food was delicious. The beach wasn't the best, but the pools more than made up for that. We paid for the upgraded room and services and would do that again. Luis at the lobby bar was awesome! Before we left we were already trying to figure out when we can come back! Thank you for a wonderful vacation!

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Showing 11 to 20 of 58

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  • Room
  • Food
  • Cleaning
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