Stay Green, committed to the environment

Stay Green is a sustainability project driven by H10 Hotels.

This initiative, which is the result of our commitment to society and the environment, was born with the desire to develop a responsible business model based on three main lines of action:


Elimination of plastics and reduction of waste

In order to protect our natural environment, we have eliminated more than 1,500,000 single-use plastic bags from our rooms over the last year and have replaced more than 2,400,000 amenity packaging items with biodegradable alternatives. In additional, we have removed all single-use plastic from our restaurants, bars, gardens and swimming pools.

We recycle waste daily in our hotels, and invite our guests to join in by installing recycling points for them in the common areas of our holiday hotels.

Exceptionally, during the COVID-19 crisis, health authority recommendations will be followed and some single-use items will be used to guarantee the safety of our guests and employees.


Energy efficiency and use of green energy

More than 50 H10 Hotels hotels in Europe are powered by electricity certified as being of 100% renewable origin. It is electricity from natural sources, which means it does not pollute, is unlimited and is environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, we promote the use of renewable energy, such as solar thermal and biomass power, in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

Since 2010, we have achieved the following objectives in all our hotels:

  • 9% reduction in total energy consumption
  • 75% reduction in CO2 emission (associated with energy consumption)
  • 18% reduction in fossil fuel consumption
  • 17% reduction in water consumption

Training and awareness programmes

Our concern for taking care of the planet and ensuring sustainability includes extending our example to employees, guests and vendors:

We provide our employees with continuous training regarding the environment. We also collaborate with non-profit entities and organizations which fight against food wastage.

We involve our guests in our environmental and animal protection awareness. For example, our hotels offer the possibility of carrying out activities such as organic gardening workshops, tree planting and beach cleaning. In addition, in our Caribbean hotels, we contribute to sea turtle conservation by training our staff and collaborators on the importance of protecting these endangered species. In the summer months, our guests can observe turtle hatching on the beaches of our hotels.

We promote the use of non-polluting green transport at many of our hotels, making bicycles and electric scooters available to guests for visiting the cities. And many of the hotels already have charging points for electric vehicles.


Sustainable Biosphere Certification

Awarded by the Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI), an international non-profit public body which for more than 25 years has been communicating the objectives set out in United Nations summits and letters to all agents in the sector.

The Biosphere badge recognizes the sustainable efforts made by our hotels according to the sustainability objectives established by the United Nations and the esteem and choices made by citizens and tourists.

Through the Biosphere Sustainable methodology, we are in the process of aligning the activity of our hotels with the 2030 Agenda, recognizing the actions with which we contribute to the achievement of its 169 goals and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

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