Committed to responsible tourism 
Stay Green is the H10 Hotels Sustainability Plan. In line with our commitment to society and the environment, its goal is to promote a model for responsible tourism in all our destinations.

The current project continues the strategy launched in 2010 and is based on four main lines of action for the period 2021-2030, following European and international guidelines and strategically defined in all areas of the company:
Zero Carbon
With the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 75%¹

¹ Based on 2010 indicators
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90% of our establishments have 100% of their electricity contracted from renewable sources
More than 50% of hotels use renewable energy systems
Improving energy efficiency through the use of low-energy equipment and the control and automation of facilities
Selecting refrigerants with lower Global Warming Potential
Reducing electricity, water and fuel consumption per stay
Water Management
We aim to reduce water consumption by 20%¹ and minimise the impact of our activity on aquatic environments

¹ Based on 2010 indicators
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18% less water consumption thanks to water efficiency measures
Replacement of machinery and processes with high water consumption by more efficient options
Using alternatives to natural grass to reduce water consumption in gardening and irrigation systems
We have 13 highly efficient own-consumption desalination plants
Reduced flow taps and showers in the chain's establishments
We aim to reduce the volume of waste generated per stay by 25%²

² Based on 2021 indicators
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Reduction of single-use plastic in rooms and single-dose amenity containers replaced by eco-friendly dispensers
2.5 MILLION fewer plastic bottles and 6 MILLION fewer plastic glasses used each year
Food waste monitored and reduction in organic products generated
Promoting green mobility, through bicycle and electric scooter hire and by installing charging points for electric vehicles in 12 hotels
Recycling and waste separation points in hotels
Promoting social projects in local communities and promoting positive culture and learning among employees

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 Since 2016, the chain has been working with the Albert Foundation, which, jointly with the Pere Tarrés Foundation, Cáritas and other organisations, promotes the health and education of socially vulnerable children and their families.

The activities that are carried out include:
Helping families to enter the labour market by contracting them in hotels
FASE Project: dental, ophthalmological, podiatry and osteopathy check-ups, as well as help with school work, summer camps and activity centres
Other joint projects
Cooperation with Sant Joan de Déu de Barcelona and its Hospital Amic programme to improve the experience of children in hospital
Support for social initiatives helping people at risk of social exclusion to enter the labour market, financial donations and donations to social dining rooms
We cooperate with local non-profit organisations working on various projects to help developing countries
At our Ocean Coral & Turquoise resort, we assist with the conservation of sea turtles by providing training for our staff and partners on the importance of protecting endangered species
Contributing to the international public agenda
Stay Green aligns the activity of H10 Hotels with guidelines and objectives defined at European and international level, and has determined its lines of action with reference to the 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations.
The initiatives proposed also conform to the European Green Deal (established in the EU's European Climate Law), which promotes the efficient and competitive use of resources with the aim of stopping greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.
Biosphere Sustainable Certification at H10 Hotels
Awarded by the Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI), an international non-profit organisation with more than 25 years' experience, it recognises the efforts made by our hotels according to the sustainability objectives established by the United Nations and the extent to which they are valued and chosen by tourists and the public.
Through the Biosphere Sustainable methodology, we are working to align our hotels' activity with Agenda 2030, recognising actions through which we contribute to the achievement of its 169 objectives and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
'CaixaBank Hotels&Tourism' Award
In the framework of FITUR 2023, the financial institution of CaixaBank has recognised the work in sustainability of H10 Hotels with the 'CaixaBank Hotels&Tourism' award, which honours the company's Stay Green programme, the aim of which is to promote and encourage responsible tourism in all destinations where it is present.
Through this award, the bank recognises the special sensitivity of sustainable projects in the tourism sector, such as those that include improvements in energy efficiency, accessibility, water and waste management, circular economy and those that promote the employment of people at risk of exclusion.
H10 Hotels, the first chain to certify its carbon footprint calculation with AENOR
H10 Hotels has obtained the Certificate of Conformity of Calculated CO2 from the prestigious certification body AENOR, making it a pioneer in the hotel sector in auditing and certifying the inventory of its greenhouse gas emissions.
Using the GHG Protocol methodology, AENOR has verified our calculation of the carbon footprint of all our hotels and corporate headquarters as a result of our activity in 2022. This certification, which will be updated annually, confirms our commitment to sustainability, as laid out in the Stay Green plan, according to which we aim to reduce our greenhouse emissions by 75% per stay by 2030 compared to 2010 levels.

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