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Welcome to Paradise


Jamaica is one of the thirteen countries that make up the Antilles or Islands of the Caribbean Sea and one of the thirty-five that make up the American continent. Its capital and most populated city is Kingston. It is 240 km long and a 80 km at its widest point, situated in the Caribbean Sea.
Our hotels in Jamaica are located on the seafront, in a bay surrounded by forests and mountains, just 30 minutes from Montego Bay airport. They are also very close to Falmouth, the capital of Trelawny, a charming city with a well-preserved Georgian architectural complex.


The official and most widely spoken language in Jamaica is English. However, Creole, which is a combination of English and certain African languages, is spoken in rural areas and is increasingly used in urban areas.


Jamaica has a warm tropical climate, influenced by the sea and the northwest trade winds. Along the coast, temperatures range between 22 ºC and 31 ºC. Temperatures are slightly lower inland, which is at higher altitude, but only a few degrees. The wettest and rainiest months are between May and October but it can rain at any time of the year. The best time to travel to Jamaica is during the driest months between December and April.


Jamaican dollar

Nearest airports
  • Sangster International Airport
  • Ian Fleming International Airport
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