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More information Hide info H10 Hotels Confirm reservation Continue with reservation Continue Change See more Room details Hide details See less Book The maximum inactivity time has expired. When you close this window, you will be redirected to the Rooms section so you can make a new selection. We're sorry! An error has occurred while requesting availability. Please check that the parameters are correct or try again later. It is not currently possible to make your booking for this hotel. Please wait a few moments before trying again. (EN)Disfruta del mejor Todo Incluido de la Zona 5 Restaurantes (Italiano, Steakhouse, Teppanyaki, Dinner Show y Buffet Internacional) "Bebidas Premium (Bombay Saphire, Tanqueray, Jack Daniels, Baileys, Drambuie, Havana Club 7 …) Cafetería con especialidades Mike´s Coffee

Estancia de 3 - 4 noches = 1 Cena en Restaurante temático
Estancia de 5 - 6 noches = 2 Cenas en Restaurantes temáticos
Estancia de 7 o más noches = 4 Cenas en Restaurantes temáticos

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